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New shit going on

2009-09-11 02:21:53 by bossler13

So, new things going on with me.

1. Posted a new song up. it's nothing special, just a short remix of the Inspector Gadget theme song. I got bored the other day and somehow got it stuck in my head, so yea.

2. As i said in my last post, I am entered in the Electronic EP #2 judging to try to be a part of the final product. I took my song Fighting To Live and have drastically changed it to make it so much more awesome. I am very happy with it and I hope I get on the EP. If not, then you all get to hear it for free!

3. I also entered the Pirate Voice Acting contest against other people such as Egoraptor and TomaMoto, so I'm bound to lose. I just hope someone animates a decent flash for it

4. I am currently working on a new song. I've already got a basic melody, and I'm going to work on it more this weekend. I am proud to say that I am working with swing more and it shall be epic

That is all for now. Keep an eye out for all of those.


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